Funding grants for ongoing Christian work

We exist to help Christian organisations with strategic planning and seed capital in order to multiply their work and implement projects that become self funding, so that they have the greatest impact for Christ’s Kingdom.

2 stage submission overview:

#1 – Preliminary Enquiry Submission

Assessment of Enquiry

#2 – Invitation to complete full Grant Submission


We’re committed to supporting church plants with seed funding to help them get established in the first few critical years of their life. 

Application Dates:

Preliminary Enquiry Submission:
Opens: 29 September 2022.
Close: 5pm (AEST) 13 October 2022.

Full Grant submission:
Due: 12pm (AEST) 27 October 2022.


We provide grants that support established churches that are growing, to help them continue to be healthy, evangelistic, multiplying churches.

Application Dates:

Preliminary Enquiry Submission:
Opens: 8 September 2022.
Close: 5pm (AEST) 22 September 2022.

                      Full Grant submission:                           Due: 12pm (AEST) 7 October 2022. 


We want to see the next generation of church leaders raised up – so we provide grants that help fund a new apprentice at your church.

Application Dates:

Application Submission:
Opens:  3 October 2022.
Close: 5pm (AEST) 17 October 2022.