The Gospel Future Fund is committed to helping church plants, established churches, and church leaders in Australia and New Zealand to impact the world for Christ.

Our vision

We believe our Lord disciples and grows His people through local churches. That’s why we are committed to supporting existing churches and establishing strong church plants. Our vision is to help:

  • Promote a healthy pipeline of church planters by encouraging apprenticeships
  • Churches break through significant growth barriers: 125, 200, 500 and 1,000 congregational sizes
  • Churches hand over from founder planter to second leader
  • Develop strong children’s and youth ministries 
  • Improve strategic church management and decision-making
  • Develop church leaders 
  • Churches make wise next steps for growth

The funds are directed towards the establishment of strategic ongoing growth projects that are likely to become self-funding after a reasonable time. Gospel Future Fund does not support the regular funding of ongoing projects.

Supporting new initiatives

In considering a project, Gospel Future Fund pays particular attention to the strategic implications and any multiplier effect that the new project may provide.

New projects are favoured over ongoing projects. However, the organisation has to demonstrate that the new project is likely to become self-sufficient in a reasonable time.

  • If the project is not directly income based (such as a fee for service), then the organisation needs to demonstrate that new donors will be found and managed on a professional basis (such as a detailed fundraising strategic plan).
  • Many projects require funding over several years and Gospel Future Fund typically provides a funding commitment of up to three years.

What we expect from organisations we support

  • The message of Jesus is a key purpose of the church and, included in the project, is a chance for individuals to respond to Him.
  • Churches should demonstrate a high level of professionalism in their standard of delivery. They should seek world-class practice. They should have a long-term vision and proven discipline in their operations.
  • We expect the churches constitution to have a clear statement of its purpose (mission) and how it will achieve it (operating standards).
  • We expect the Board to comprise of Christians who may be required to make a statement of faith under the organisations constitution.
  • The Board would approve the “business” plan (usually three years’ objectives with a detailed current year budget). The church leader will be empowered by the Board to implement the plan and be accountable to the Board.

Statement of faith


To read more about what our statement of faith is as the Gospel Future Fund, please download our ‘What we Believe’ PDF using the download button below: