Our vision is to help:

  • Promote a healthy pipeline of church planters by encouraging apprenticeships
  • Churches break through significant growth barriers: 125, 200, 500 and 1,000 congregational sizes
  • Churches hand over from founder planter to second leader
  • Develop strong children’s and youth ministries 
  • Improve strategic church management and decision-making
  • Develop church leaders 
  • Churches make wise next steps for growth

Seed capital & strategic support for churches

We exist to help Christian organisations with strategic planning and seed capital to multiply their work and implement projects that become self funding, so that they have the greatest impact for Christ’s kingdom.

We're so thankful to God for what he's enabled in 2022

$839,000 funding grants given

128 conversions to Christ in churches supported

Regular annual church growth: 29% in church plants & 12% in established churches

30 ministry apprentices trained

17 church plants supported

14 projects supported in established churches

Leadership Grants

We need to see the next generation of church leaders and planters raised up – so we provide grants that help fund a new apprentice at your church. The Leadership Grant encourages church plants to train apprentices and potential church planters post-college.  

60% went on to college, 24% on to other full time ministry roles (including 2 planters raising teams), 16% are not pursuing full time ministry roles, though 8% were open to it as a future possibility.

"We've learned to be better leaders. It's easy to be rigid about what a Sunday should look like, and what people should say and do up the front. It's slowly been releasing the reigns and giving others freedom - trying to make ministry sustainable and already seeing incredible fruit from that.

We've come to the decision that ministry is where we want to be for the rest of our lives. Our next step is to come across to Sydney to Bible college."

Jose and Caitlin Billington – Ministry apprentices at Cornerstone Church, Christchurch New Zealand

Church Plant Grants

We’re committed to supporting church plants with seed funding to help them get established in the first few critical years of their life.

"The grant enabled us to take more gospel risks, such as running free monthly lunches that are part of our missional pathway and investing in advertising. We wanted to have a strong, transparent, visible presence by having billboards and commercials. As a result, we get heaps of visitors.

We launched church with 10 adults and 12 kids, and we've tripled in size since we started in 2021. We're heading towards sustainability. But we couldn't have done it without that three year seed grant, we just couldn't.

Marty Hughes – Church planter of City North Church, Glenorchy TAS

Church Growth Grants

We support established churches that are growing, to help them continue to be healthy, evangelistic, multiplying churches. We provide seed funding for church growth projects to help them kick-start new ministry initiatives and in bringing on new staff members.

"I don’t know how we would have gotten unstuck at the 60 person mark without the Gospel Future Fund enabling us to employ Rick, our first associate pastor. It’s really hard to jump from one employed person to two employed people without a grant.

For a number of years we had around 60 members. I felt stuck as a leader and unsure of how to lead us through this next size of church life. We’ve grown in three years from 60 to 120. We’ve seen people become Christians.

Rick’s differences to me have been such a blessing and they helped us get unstuck. He organised us and built systems that have helped us to grow and work better together. He’s helped us grow in our evangelistic urgency and effectiveness."

Josh Allen – Senior Pastor of Laneway Church, Melbourne

The future

In 2023 we now have leadership grants for women’s theological training – for mature women to go Bible college after having kids or being in the workforce.

Church Plant Grant recipients in 2022

  • Anchor Church, Coffs Harbour
  • Redeemer Church West ChristChurch
  • Manning Bible Church
  • Presbyterian Church Victoria Park
  • Christ Centred Community Church Sydney
  • City on a Hill Gold Coast
  • Trinity Church Lightsview
  • MBM Parramatta
  • Fresh Start Presbyterian Church Donnybrook
  • City North Church
  • City on a Hill Whittington
  • Village Church
  • High Wycombe Church
  • Anchor Church Northern Beaches
  • Trinity Church Campbelltown
  • Trinity Church Mile End
  • Auckland EV

Church Growth Grant recipients in 2022

  • Church at the Peak
  • Life Anglican, Mardsen Park
  • Oldaker Christian Church
  • Gregory Hills Anglican Church
  • Marsfield Community Church
  • Southern Christian Church
  • Liberti Coomera
  • Sydney Living Hope Community Church
  • Laneway Church
  • Peninisula Evangelical Church
  • Scots Church Presbyterian
  • Darebin Presbyterian
  • Cross and Crown Gold Coast
  • Village Church, Kelvin Grove

Giving each year

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Partner with a future church leader by giving so they can complete a ministry apprenticeship. We need your help to raise $50,000 to support 50 people through ministry training.

Your donation today will be matched by a generous foundation up to $50,000, but only until August 31st.

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